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Echo House is a non-profit artistic collective dedicated to fostering collaboration and community through intercultural, interdisciplinary artistic creation.  Echo House hosts residencies, performances, expositions, readings, workshops, screenings and more. In all of our activities we remain sensitive to the political and ethical stakes of artistic production. We seek to subvert the model of artist as brand and art as product, meanwhile amplifying a diversity of voices from underrepresented demographics. 

We are not a label, a venue, a gallery or a promoter. Echo House offers a platform for experimentation, emphasizing the artistic process while seeking to create an ambiance of care and support in which the artist can take control over their own means of expression. This involves providing affordable access to space, equipment, resource sharing, networking, production support, materials, etc. BUT ALSO INVOLVES PROVIDING inspiration, play, leisure, laughter, food, coffee, literature, community, solitude, peace of mind, physical security, a little fresh air…

To these ends, Echo House operates Café Les Renards, a cooperatively run café and free library. All profits from the café go directly towards supporting our artistic residencies and community activities. Through this non-profit structure we aim to alleviate the economic pressures that hinder experimentation in creative practice. Most of all, with home-cooked meals and interactive décor, our café fosters an atmosphere of home that nurtures the creative process and the relationships that sustain it. Stop by and say hello. Borrow a book, propose a project or just have a coffee. We’re located at 1239 Rue de Bellechasse. Open everyday.

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